May 12, 2003
Living inside the matrix

It seems that some mental health patients are trying out the matrix experience for real. CNN reports on a hospital seeking a Klingon speaker.
That's right. Some of the patients refuse to speak anything but Klingon, and therefore the hospital has been obliged to look for an interpreter. This could probably only take place in the pacific states, but still. What if this is really the start of a mass exodus from reality? People quite simply tuning out, founding a new tribe and forming an identity around a commercial product - namely the Klingon language. Artificial languages have been around for a while of course but the new thing (and it is all very modern and 'hypercomplex, networked soceity') would be the use of an artificial language in the struggle for identity.

Re life inside The Matrix - do not forget the mock weddings for Alzheimers patients I reported about earlier. I failed to connect them then, but obviously these weddings are pure Matrix.

Posted by Claus at May 12, 2003 10:28 AM
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