July 15, 2003
This is not a blog - it is a bliki

Here I thought I was blogging, and then it turns out I have been secretly bliki'ing instead:

So I decided I wanted something that was a cross between a wiki and a blog - which Ward Cunningham immediately dubbed a bliki. Like a blog, it allows me to post short thoughts when I have them. Like a wiki it will build up a body of cross-linked pieces that I hope will still be interesting in a year's time.

That is exactly the goal of classy.dk. Sometimes posts are short things unrelated to anything. Sometimes they are 'part of a series' and fold nicely into a more coherent structure of text and meaning (I hope).

By that definition, Ongoing is certainly a bliki. Sam Ruby maintains a distinction between 'essays' and his weblog, but the structure of comments on his weblog is intricate enough that he is really authoring a completely different medium. I think we need ONE tool that will let you publish hypertext, thread comments, and blog in one package. But wait, isn't that just a CMS? Not necessarily - Thinking in a webservices vein, I should be able to use MoveableType for blogging, use another plug-in comment and trackback engine (because blog-comment engines aren't naturally threaded; a bad mistake) and then run an accompanying Wiki using the same comment engine.
How hard can that be? Lets first publish a trackbackable threaded comment engine. Once that's done

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I have been blogging for almost 2 years now and i have never heard of a wiki. I'm going to have to look that up now that you got me interested.

UPDATE (by blogger)
God, how you suck - comment spam is SO not ok.

Posted by: kitchen on September 18, 2003 6:49 PM
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