July 16, 2003

Noticed the 'Right now on relate-a-zon' link to the right (main index only)?
It's just one more case of Just-Blog and Classy's Kitchen following modern webtrends closely. First we integrated our way to the amazing Relate-azon game itself through snazzy graphing and image hosting webservices maintained on classy.dk. Then we did the AdSense shuffle, and stole the 'CGI on the client via JavaScript' idea from Google's ad inclusion scheme.
You're welcome to view source, but if you won't, the link on right is maintained simply by adding

<div id="relateadiv" class="myowncssclass"></div>
<script src="http://www.relate-a-zon.com/razo/rightnowjs.asp"></script>

to your page. Go ahead. Do it today!

The nice thing about it is that the CSS class is all your own, so the content is styled by you not relate-a-zon. Of course the exact CSS intersection can be worked on by enhancing the spec of the embedded material, but it is pretty straghtforward as is.

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