July 19, 2003
Echo => Necho => Pie => Atom

Personally I liked Necho for 'the RSS that can't be called RSS because Dave will be angry' but the new name is Atom. The other one was cool because it sounded almost like 'necro' or 'nether' and therefore had a cool ring of death or illicitness to it. Of course Atom already is too crowded and used name, so lets see how long it sticks. I would like to propose a new name : ATGNWT (at newt) - which just means All The Good Names Were Taken.

Another interesting point about ECHO is the discussion on escaping content. Some people argue to do it with an old school layered approach, where the content is just binary data. But clearly if mixing XML vocabularies in something as relatively simple as a weblog is too hard to do, then that really takes a lot of bite out of XML.

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