July 19, 2003
Breaking up is hard to do

And while Echo/Necho/Atom/Pie has found yet another name, Dave Winer realizes he has lost this one, and stops wielding Userlands copyright like a blunt weapon as posted to Sam Ruby's blog. Ruby's posting comes with a 'maybe we can get along' hopeful message, but two comments down we learn from Bill Kearney that

Atom isn't about RSS. Atom is a lot more than just syndication.

That has to be a new record in forgetfulness, or if not, it is exactly why Winer, and other reinvention critics, is right about the Echo/Necho/Atom/Pie* project.

* I would like your comments on a related matter:
Does Echo/Necho/Atom/Pie sound more like

  1. A John le Carr? novel taking its title from a nursery rhyme

  2. Just a nursery rhyme

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