July 26, 2003
Preserving the public space while blogging

Weblogs are turning into an interesting space for debate on politics and other issues where people disagree violently. The joy of the blog is that you get to say anything you like. It's yours. However if that freedom is to mean anything then it comes attached with an obligation to honor dissent at least to the extent of acknowledging it. This can be quite annoying of course if somebody is trolling your website.

That's why TrackBacks are such a wonderful opportunity to allow comments but still let your own site be about your opinion and not of those who disagree. It's simply a mechanism to tell other people that somebody elsewhere disagrees or has an opinion related to your opinion. That's why I disagree with Mark Pilgrims Comment Posting Policy [dive into mark] on TrackBacks:

Trackbacks are remote comments and are subject to these same rules [as local comments].

IF the rules were "no defamation, no ads, no off topic comment" that would be fine, but the rules are also "Not all posts have comments enabled, and this is intentional. Some posts have comments enabled for a limited time, and then no more comments may be added; this is also intentional." and then it really matters that TrackBack's are remote.
It helps the integrity of the weblog if TrackBack's aren't censored. TrackBack's acknowledge the fact that nobody owns an online discussion, and I think they should do so to any extent technically possible as long as defamation and off-topicness (commercial or otherwise) isn't an issue.

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