July 26, 2003
Free wifi: Good not bad

A WiFi backlash is in process. The nature of the backlash: "Wifi won't generate billions of revenue". That is however no reason for a backlash but rather it is a good thing. To think that there's a way to wire the world that cosst so little that we can have essentially free wireless. Imagine the possible uses of that.
Witness the leapfrogging possible:

Even though it didn't distribute the computers and PC cards necessary to tap into the service, the Internet Users Society Niue built a comprehensive network -- which includes solar-powered repeaters in coconut trees -- to give everyone on the island and its visitors open and free Wi-Fi Internet access. About 300 of the island's residents own computers, according to Bill Semich, president of the nonprofit.

What's not to like? Boingo shares? I think I'll get along without them.

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