August 29, 2003
Hold that endorsement

I previously mentioned the AlwaysOn network - where Tony Perkins went after The Red Herring Folded as a usable resource. Seing the strong backing strong backing the these people are giving the 'Arnold for Governor' campaign I have to hold that endorsement.
Based on the premises that 'The recall is a good and democratic process', 'Arnold is a moderate' and 'It's a fresh start for California' a lot of AlwaysOn regulars and high profile tech businessmen endorse Schwarzenegger. A good idea? If the ability by 12 percent of voters (actual not registered) to stifle all political action for half a year was widespread we wouldn't have democracies at all. Surely the christian right would have had the ability to throw out Clinton. Surely Gore supporters would have been able to get together considerable recall momentum after the flawed presidential elections in Florida. Its like having democracy, but then having an escape mechanism if somebody is unhappy with that democracy. Moderate? Based on his campaign team - made up of republican veterans and even drawing on members of the current ruling republican faction -one should expect as little moderation as is exhibited by the Bush administration and its supporters. A fresh start? See previous answer. If it is such good news why all the republican veterans.
Isn't Arnold just a front for the same republican caste that currently runs the Bush administration?

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