September 10, 2003
Back , and then back.

Classy's "Getting in touch with the past and the future" expedition to Austria has been completed - an (almost) total success.
After the Ars was completed as far as I am concerned with a brilliant concert evening, I went back to Vienna to catch a few missing museums, and now I'm back in Copenhagen. I took a lot of pictures, and wrote a lot of notes about the Ars, and that will be trickling onto the log over the next couple of days. The festival was (even for the sake of only a short visit) definitely worth it. The staff was friendly and mostly bi-lingual, which helps even though I mananged to survive my previous visit to Vienna entirely without the use of English - using instead my crufty, dated primary school German (lessons took place from 82-85, and I didn't even like it as a subject back then). Surprising what you can remember when you have to.

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