September 11, 2003
Anna Lindh killed

The Swedish social democratic party has lost once again one of its leading members, and Sweden its foreign minister as Anna Lind dies after being stabbed yesterday.

The circumstances of the event shows you how unused and unprepared we are for violence. An attack by a single person, in a (one supposes) busy Stockholm department store, and still the killer was able to get away.

As was the case with the murder of Olof Palme we now have to wait in unpleasant uncertainty, not knowing whether this was a random attack, an attack by a mentally unstable person or political violence.

The most beautiful words heard yet in the many eulogies: 'She knew much about what had already happened but was intent on what was to happen [in the future]'. Source escapes me right now, but it was a Swedish political colleague of hers.

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