September 11, 2003
Genstart those colors

Just-blog has done the reasonable thing and moved his blog to the root of (although not - that's a problem with speednames name management they should fix). His latest rant on color makes a good point: Instead of desperately jogging the colow wheel of your drawing software, harvest your colors from a beautiful landscape.

Ooops. That was actually the message from here. There was a link on just-blog, but I failed to see the invisible (or were they white?) citation boundaries around the direct quotes.
Boxes and Arrows (are they a couple of private detectives?) seems like a nice site overall, by the way. Bookmarked.

They also recommend the use of Sitemaps. So I hurried up and added one to, here.

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A few issues here

a) Yes, was about time I did that.
b) Speednames tells me its their DNS software.
c) I changed citation boundary color from invisible to standard to honor your Warnock's dilemma abundancy (or the fact that someone is reacting)
d) ...or the fact that Boxes and Arrows could be watching Brown and its own Shades
e) it is a nice site indeed
f) it is a nice sitemap indeed

Posted by: Just on September 14, 2003 3:53 AM
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