October 07, 2003
Google goes Evil?

I'm a "Google basher"-basher in general, but if it is true that You can't talk about AdSense if you're enrolled in the program, then I think Joi Ito is right. Google has gone evil. Which underlines the danger and/or power of adopting the "Don't be evil" mantra in the first place. What do you say Just? Is it true. Do you care? Am I wrong?. Extensive linkage on Kottke.
I think Google is basically forgetting that many AdSense'rs see themselves more as Google users than as Google business partners. No wonder they do, since AdSense is clearly marketd at small, hardly commercial, sites. Holding this astounding network of people linking to Google and Google's paying customers to the same kind of business agreements that you would hold corporations to just makes no sense. The outrage on the new Terms of Service clearly underlines the point: The people complaining are all independent, individual web publishers, who care little about profit and much about content.

The entiry story also underlines why you shouldn't mix your personal opinions with advertising in the first place.

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