October 07, 2003
Interesting calendar blunder

Jon Udell finds an interesting blunder in the calendaring of times. Calendars rarely allow for the possibility that an event happens in another time zone than the one in which it is recorded. I.e. I might like to publish some event that will occur on my next trip to New York, in New York local time, but that will look positively crazy in my Danish time zone calendar.
The initial thought on how to fix it would be "publish in ISO format, using the time zone offset of the place where the event occurs" - and wait for a better client to be smart about it.
Udell's observation may seem plain to Americans, but we Danes live in a country bound to one time zone and don't experience this kind of problem much. I am reminded of somebody's observation on some other blog on how the term syndication (as in RSS) has no intuition attached to it in many European countries, since many of them are so small (or so old world/big government) that all the major media aren't really served by networks, but just single companies with total regional reach.

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