October 10, 2003
Guy steals belated blog scoop from other guy

UPDATE : I have been accused of unfair ranting, and rightfully so. Just, for helvede - du er okay! Det er mig der ikke er okay. Ka' vi stadig starte lodret.dk. Kan vi snakke om det? Just? Just?. What happened was that it is absolutely true that Just did not provide first finder credit. But I am not in a position to criticize that, since only 2 posts ago I failed to do the exact same thing. I wow to change that policy right now. Thanks Just for the flash porn link.
Just's descent into the Adsense netherworld continues. I hardly had time to tip him on Reverend Dan's amazing mash-ups before he steals the link for his own blog. Credit? Only to Just's AdSense account...

From some light websurfing it seems clear that the mash up phenomenon has already gone seriously overground and therefore died. Wired covered the phenomenon over a year ago, as did Salon - and Mash-Ups.co.uk take it further telling visitors "Hey!! you're too late ... the party's over dude!!"
Luckily, no culture spawns subcultures quite at the same speed as DJ culture, so there already a 'mash-up remixes culture', so that this guy is doing Glitch-Ups of Reverend Dan's mash-ups.

Don't miss this mashed up live performance of 'Lady in Red' by one Chris de Burger.
Or this technically brilliant butchering of President Bush's state of the union address

As an aside on subgenres, check out this hip-hop subgenre overview. That's just the major subgenres, and leaves out a lot of detail.

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Hold your bashing.

For every minute that passes by, I expect an apology twice as big as I did the minute before. Or something like that.

Posted by: Just on October 10, 2003 2:42 PM

Hm. Better. I think we need a) an English translation b) an explanation c) a permanent link to AdSense City my page somewhere.

Posted by: Just on October 10, 2003 2:49 PM

No. Forget it. Delete my comments. I am hung over. I cannot think a clear thought. Be glad I don't operate heavy machines or drive public buses.

Posted by: Just on October 10, 2003 2:55 PM
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