October 13, 2003
Sucky Search Engine Referrals

The referral URL's in my access log tell me that I either have to little good content or too much bad content. In order of frequency, here are the top 20 search engine queries for the kitchen in October.

  1. google doesn't work

  2. siegfried and roy accident

  3. roy tiger accident

  4. prince frederik of denmark

  5. kitchen fair

  6. prince frederik

  7. siegfried roy accident

  8. prince frederik denmark

  9. siegfried and roy

  10. emanuel goldstein

  11. kitchen software

  12. mary donaldson denmark

  13. regensen

  14. siegfried

  15. siegfried and roy tiger accident

  16. roys tiger attack

  17. sacking of rome

  18. siegfried and roy cancelled

  19. siegfried n roy

  20. kitchen computer

A sad collection of Danish trash searching (the upcoming royal marriage) or American trash searching (Roy Horn's tiger accident). The top search annoys me in particular. I'm Google hit no 1 for that search and I don't even think that Google doesn't work. The kitchen searches are there every month, because of my blog title.

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