October 13, 2003
New subtitle for Classy's Kitchen

I occasionally update the subtitle for my blog and the previous one - 'Ideas don't pervert people. People pervert ideas' - a comment about the disconnect between what the Bush administration says and what it does - which according to Paul Krugman is not a disconnect but a carefully designed plan - had outlived it's usefullness.
Furthermore, it wasn't strictly true. Clearly the 20th century is one big history lesson on how actual hunger and hunger for power can feed ideological rage which in turn leads to actions that aren't really rational in terms of the original hunger (for food, income or power). In the age of spin, it is interesting however how ideological rage can be used simply as a hollow power strategy also. I don't know whether real rage or hollow rage is the more dangerous.
The new subtitle is simple rand lighter weight, being a joke on my name suggested to me by Just.

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