October 21, 2003
Living nightmare

The DMCA (and supposedly its European equivalent) is a living nightmare. While they apparantly thought better of it, a company with a deeply flawed copy protection product was considering legal action against a report proving how inept their technology was, instead of doing something worthwhile like fixing or pulling the product, as reported by Dan Gillmor. It is hard to come up with a better fictional example why the DMCA (and European equivalents) should be repealed.
Imagine if DMCA-like powers were given to pharmaceitical companies. They would then have actual legal power to discourage research on the effectiveness of their medicine. Does that really sound like a good idea to you? Do you consider recording companies more or less important to society than pharmaceutical companies? Wouldn't you expect the more important property to be better protected that the less important? So what's the conclusion: Blanket licences to produce snake oil, or an end to the DMCA? It is completely absurd that democracies are enforcing more and more legislation like the DMCA. It is in the direct counter-interest of the people, i.e us.

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