October 22, 2003
"Pope accepts resignation of Cardinal Sin"

This is an actual news headline - too good to pass up as proven by the tons of newsmedia that picked the story up (the headline was from an Associated Press telegram).
What's even better is how I arrived at the story: I started out reading this off-topic post to the tech-industry community site AlwaysOn. According to the post, a group of french chefs are actively trying to have gluttony removed from the list of cardinal sins. That sounded too good to be true, så I googled for confirmation, and lo and behold, found exactly one story in the news (actually google news) about the pope and cardinal sin. But that was just a reference to the tongue in cheek AP news story that can be found in a ton of places, one of them here.
What did the pope accept? The resignation of Phillipino church leader, Cardinal Jaime Sin. To think he has had an entire career in the church with that name is awe inspiring in itself.
I found no further evidence about the French chefs, so that is probably not a credible story.

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