November 08, 2003
On 7 November is expected the warm weather

I can only recommend the Babelfished version of Pravda. For starters, the link to the 'current news' page is titled in slacker fashion "Main thing". As if that wasn't cool enough, check out this weather report

Tomorrow, on 7 November, during the day of agreement and reconciliation weather will enhance by the fact, who will decide to conduct day in fresh air. According to the forecasts of synoptic meteorologists this day can become the warmest day in the year. On Friday in the daytime of synoptics they promise to 11 degrees of heat, in the Moscow area - plus 6-11, predominantly without the sediments.

The comic potential of the various Babelfish translations varies a great deal, with some of them just being very confusing and otheres like the above story on "synoptic meteorology" being automated works of art.

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