March 03, 2004
SCO accelerates protection racket

The SCO protection racket to force companies to pay a license fee for Linux has been accelerated as the first lawsuits against Linux-users (not distributors) got filed.

Meanwhile SCO has made no progress in making their complaint against IBM seem reasonable. In fact, in an extremely boring article on Groklaw a guy named Warren Toomey chronicles the history of a few of the files SCO claims has been copied verbatim to ther real roots. The probable root turns out to be Minix header files. Linux famously based Linux on Minix and got into a much celebrated flamewar with Minix creator Andy Tanenbaum on the relative merits of the two operating systems. Even more damaging to the SCO case is Toomey's documentation that copying from the UNIX source files in question was widespread as early as 1978 making the notion that IBM recently and illegally contributed the contents to Linux seem even more bogus.

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