March 04, 2004
Just seen: Live Forever

Yesterday Swedish Television aired Live Forever a documentary about the brit-pop scene of the 90s and by extension of the much hyped "Cool Britannia" the colourful, vibrant and world dominating cultural scene of the UK in general and London in particular in the mid-90s. The center of it all were some interviews with the Gallagher brothers (of Oasis), Jarvis Cocker (of Pulp), Damon Albarn (of Blur) and many others I am currently forgetting. The images capture the attitude and style of the mid 90s brilliantly. It is a bit odd to see a nostalgic rockumentary about something that happened only 6-7 years ago but that's what hypernostalgia is all about I suppose. The interviewees come off as variably bored (Damon Albarn and maybe Jarvis Cocker), annoyed (Damon Albarn), interested (Noel Gallagher) and plain simply stupid (Liam Gallagher). Liam Gallagher's most interesting commentary comes when he's asked to comment on Jon Savage's opinion that he at times looked rather androgynous. First of all the interviewer has to explain the term - which of course threatens to to throw Liam into a fit "Is he saying I looked like a girl?". The interviwer hastily retreats until Liam at the end comments something of the order of "I pay attention to the way my hair looks. You've got to have great hair when you're the lead singer in a band".

For me personally it was great at these years were happy years in an equally amazing university environment in downtown Copenhagen, and British style and British music really was the look and feel of that time even in Copenhagen.

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