April 20, 2004
Blogging, exploded

Remember the old Weblogging will explode or die post, or the follow up? It seems weblogging has already exploded. I discovered this (I am very, very far from claiming that mine is the first discovery) when I realized that all the pages of all the O'Reilly websites (ONLamp, etc.) support trackback as part of the comment system. Combined with the implicit trackback lookup of my w.bloggar/MT 2.64 blogging client/server combo (so much better than the old trackback scriptlet) this means that fortuitous linkage of shared but distributed conversations is simple and completely automatic.

Clearly, calling the entire O'Reilly site a "blog" misses the point completely. It's just new smarter two-way hyperlinks that augment the hypertext dramatically.

Posted by Claus at April 20, 2004 02:53 AM | TrackBack (1)
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