April 30, 2004
Sign O' The Times

Simply a perfect album for a perfect time. It has everything I could possibly want from a record. It's soulful, funky and sad, but has perfect pop songs as well. It came out at just the right time to make an indelible impression on me. 1987 was the year my brother left to live in London for a year, and he left his room, his stereo and his records behind for me to enjoy.
The combination of trademark Prince funk with completely new sounds on the title track as well as perfect pop songs makes for a perfect album. It's one of those almost one man performances that made Prince special in the 80s. The one man band sound also means that a lot of the tracks have pretty simple arrangements with a heavy emphasis in Prince's fabulous singing, doing both the lead and multiple background voices layered really tightly around the lead with a lot of soul. To me those are his best songs.

Posted by Claus at April 30, 2004 09:54 PM | TrackBack (0)
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true, after doing the revolution thingy Prince returned to the one-man-band, even though that Sheila E did vocals and percussion on that "u got the look" track.

And on the KISS album he did the track "Sometimes it snows in april" which always makes me think... is this a prince song ?

He has done some great blues inspired numbers thru out the years. I'm looking forward to hearing his new album.

Posted by: bo on May 2, 2004 2:35 PM
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