May 01, 2004
Welcome to the west!

Approx 1 hour ago the EU grew by more than 10% population wise as 10 new countries entered the EU. The majority of the new EUropeans are Polish. The EU zone now holds a staggering 450 million people who speak more than 20 different languages. Eastern Europe is "The India of Western Europe" - low wage, high education, understandable culture, good language skills. The fear Americans have this season of outsourcing to India is mirrored in Denmark and elsewhere by fear of an invasion of Polish workers undercutting the standard of living in Denmark.
Here at we welcome our new relatives - this extension of the EU is the final nail in the coffin of the protectionist fears that were the sole weapon of the left wing anti-EU oposition through the 90s. There's a nationalist right wing opposition also - but that's another matter.

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within 10 years EU will be a true superpower to be recon with - scary thought ? how knows only time will tell.

To all new EU citizens: welcome, the world needs to unite - not grow further apart.

Posted by: Bo on May 2, 2004 2:44 PM
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