June 22, 2004
Note to president: Cover your notes

The following story seems bonafide, although given the content one has to be on the lookout for any manipulation: Some ingenious deciphering is going on of a photo of handwritten talking points for George W. Bush from a cabinet meeting. The notes on the other hand are less than ingenious, being the same key points hammered upon on every occasion, still without any depth of argument.
Not that we didn't know from "The West Wing", but the talking order of press reporters after a meeting is no conincidence either. Bush has a list of reporters to allow questions from in the order in which they are to be prompted to ask.
It's easy to joke about the simplicity of the messages but on the other hand if one has ever worked in any kind of organization trying to maintain a long term goal in spite of endliss lists of little problems one will recognize the importance of returning to the original message all the time.

(via netSummary (in Danish))

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