July 20, 2004
Command line pizza ordering

From the Pizza Party man page:


pizza_party [-o|--onions] [-g|--green-peppers] [-m|--mushrooms] [-v|--olives] [-t|--tomatoes] [-h|--pineapple] [-x|--extra-cheese] [-d|--cheddar-cheese] [-p|--pepperoni] [-s|--sausage] [-w|--ham] [-b|--bacon] [-e|--ground-beef] [-c|--grilled-chicken] [-z|--anchovies] [-u|--extra-sauce] [-U|--user= username] [-P|--password= pasword] [-I|--input-file= input-file] [-V|--verbose] [-Q|--quiet] [-F|--force] [QUANTITY] [SIZE] [CRUST]

The pizza_party program provides a text only command line interface for ordering DOMINOS pizza from the terminal. This program is intended to aid in the throwing of PIZZA PARTIES which are also sometimes known as ZA PARTIES

pizza_party -pmx 2 medium regular
Orders 2 medium regular crust pizzas with pepperoni, mushrooms, and extra-cheese.

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