July 20, 2004
A commercial reason why open source isn't evil

He said it on the Gillmor Gang, in a very listenable way. And he has written it down as well. Jonathan Schwarz has a hardware makers approach to open source. Free software is good since it drives the adoption of open standards (there is no incentive in free software to not follow standards as there is on closed source) and since standardization enables even more widespread adoption of technology, meaning a need for more hardware that's good business for Sun.

The software makers part of the equation is that when platform costs dwindle you can spend more time doing the business specific stuff for client X, meaning again more tech adoption meaning more business - if you have a service approach to software.

There's another reason its good: When all the stuff we're used to becomes a commodity software makers will finally have to go elsewhere and innovate instead of just living off the fat that is The Standard Office Desktop.

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