August 18, 2004
I've been waiting for this for a looong time

Such an obvious concept that I and everyone else who is truly geeky thought of it several years ago.

Pick-and-Drop is an extended concept of the commonly used drag-and-drop. With this technique, a user picks up an object on one computer display with a stylus, then drop it on a (possibly different) computer display. For example, a user can select or create a text on one's own PDA and pick-and-drop it at the desired location on the whiteboard. From the implementation point of view, the data is transferred through the network, but from the user-interface point of view, this technique allows a user to pick up digital data as if it were a physical object.

Not that hard to implement probably - a wacom tablet and some UI plumbing should work the magic.

Some implementation details here.

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