September 26, 2004
Loose browser integration via new protocols

The addition of new protocols to your system and binding of new apps to these protocols is so cool. It makes things like Feed Your Reader really simple to do - which is great.
Note to English speakers: FYR is a good name, being also one of the truly great words in the Danish language with a good number of unrelated and loosely related meanings:

  1. Fyr means pine (the tree).
  2. Fyr means guy (as in "Who's that guy?").
  3. Fyr means lighthouse
  4. Fyr means furnace (obviously related to the meaning above)
  5. Fyr! means "Fire!" (actually both in the senses "Fire that gun" or "Feed that fire").

I guess meanings 3 through 5 are compatible with the intent of FYR.

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