September 27, 2004
Far out business ideas - and Amazon's big secret

Dan Sherman is a "self professed remarkable entrepeneur". He is also the author of the zaniest business proposals I have ever seen. It's as if Ned Flanders had suddenly been born into the real world and started a weblog.
Before I tell you about them I need to make sure you're clear about the rules: Dan gets a kickback when you make it big off his hard earned ideas. That's only fair. With that off my chest I give you Dan's house of horror business proposals:

  • Reality TV live from the grave! You hire a terminally ill person (preferably someone good looking - which terminally ill person isn't?) to star in a reality TV show. You film everything - their daily life, their final struggle, their mourning relatives at the deathbed, their funeral. And then the kicker: You install a battery operated camera right in their coffin and film the rotting corpse! Now that's a reality show people would kill to watch!
  • Discount tombstone vendor! Grave markers from real stone are so expensive. Why don't you set up a business where you make real cheap fake stones out of Hydrostone,
  • Curb side instant ice cream - cooled with liquid nitrogen! How cool is that!
  • Your own county fair video stalker. You get a videocamera and go to the local county fair. You find a nice unsuspecting family and start filming them, get some good private moments on tape. Then you approach the famiy to see if they would maybe like to buy the tape as a nice memory.
  • Outdoor Cat Bathrooms. I'm sorry - I can't do Dan's description justice - just read it already complete with the need to know details on cat urine acidity.
  • Dirt Suckers! The full time hit-and-run vacuum cleaner guy!
  • Get paid to piss people off!Don't you often feel like just pissing people off, because they pissed you off? How about a professional service that did that for you!
  • Beg! If poor people can do it, so can you!


When he's not making up business ideas, Dan has the skinny on Amazon's next great move: Underground shipping tunnels under the entire continental USA - built with nanotechnology! The possibilities in a nationwide underground high speed shipping tunneling system covering all of North America is just staggering!
I haste to add Dan's disclaimer: Please don't invest in Amazon because of this golden nugget of information.

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