October 06, 2004
New reasons for technology optimism

Weblogs, GMail, Amazon web services (I should probably continue by naming e.g. salesforce.com, but I don't know anything about that so I won't) etc. According to Tim O'Reilly these are all examples of a new maturing conception of the web. The web is growing in perceived capability very rapidly these days, and consequently people are moving more work to the web. Its certainly true that the variety of data consumed over HTTP is growing rapidly. So is loose integration of helper services consuming and processing this data, e.g. feedburner, bloglines, and technorati when it comes to blogging infrastructure.
Meanwhile from the outside, the whole WS-* process still looks like a moneyhole to me. But I'm strictly on the outside. I think that's also Loosely Coupled's point here. The simple, easy to integrate, non "enterprise computing" services are winning at this point, because they're there and usable if not optimal. It's de-facto REST in most cases and REST by principle elsewhere that's getting used by most clients. The web service revolution isn't in the future. It was yesterday.

This kind of attack from below is pure Innovators Dilemma. The road ahead sketched by Phil Wainewright is too: The simple, but good enough, services will eventually mature to the point where they will be useful for everybody. If the big players keep insisting on firming up heavy, hard to implement, enterprise models of web services, then maybe I was wrong back when I said that the incumbents get it.

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