October 07, 2004
The web's next killer app

Tim O'Reilly's Web 2.0 conference - has brought a new entry in the race to be the most important instant, hosted, gamechanging revolution. From the description I like Jot as at least a nice try.
It's a wiki built out to basically be a write/read CMS. Templates allow for structured data, so that websites grow a data model in a natural "no code" way.
In addition it integrates with email, so that you can move all the 1-1 private conversations into open forums without a great hassle.

The "no code" moniker is unfortunately often another name for "no design" and I have doubts about how much value the data that ends up in this wiki in forms other than text really has.
I guess a test is in order to get an idea of that.

(as reported by Jon Udell. He also has a live recording as a flash movie at the end of that link.)

(Oh, and this by the way appears to be the stealth mode upstart Excite.com co-founder Joe Kraus is talking about on his quite good weblog Bnoopy)

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