October 23, 2004
Old news: Nukes fired in the copyright wars

This lack of proportion in the Cornyn-Feinstein anti-piracy bill - and the fact that it still was passed through the Senate - boggles the mind. Five years in prison for filming in a movie theater? This is a copyright war nuclear weapon that just got fired. But of course it was already fired months ago, only in California. While not quite as bad as the proposals to make it legal for record and movie companies to hack back vigilante style, it's pretty bad as it is.
Meanwhile were still waiting for reasonable computations of "losses" in the file sharing lawsuits.

[Sidenote: How apt that NATO was in favour of this nuclear strike]

[Sidenote II: Among other things, the law is making this artists work illegal. Demonstrating that there are fair uses of the kind of action this is outlawing. A clear indication something is wrong]

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