December 03, 2004
"boring - so you don't have to be"

I think the title of this post would be a usable tagline for a number of companies what would be great hits (including some existing ones). An amazing amount of work goes undone simply because doing it would be so intensely boring that nobody could stand doing it for any length of time (certainly this is true here in the kitchen). Also, in clear violation of the Sex & Cash theory, its difficult to get young, talented people to accept a job if they're in any way afraid they might be bored. I think this is a natural consequence of Dream Society-style memes. I hate those memes, personally - but if you believe that everything works and technology is finished, then what could be worse than having a boring job. Nobody dreams of that. So in the experience economy boredom is as bad as, if not worse than, what used to be the worst possibly job - hard physical labour.

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