January 19, 2005
How fast can you grow a standard with 1 million implementers?

The blogging world is verily humming from the sudden excitement over the growing URL tagging phenomenon. By that I mean both the growing use of tags via del.icio.us and tags on Flickr but also the clever connection to the lower case semantic web, in this case the growing use of the "rel attribute" microformat. For evidence, just Google "rel attribute" (OK, I threw in Technorati to get good hits - because they're among the microformat champions). ((Obviously I would have liked to search among tags for the words "rel attribute" and then have given you a link to that insted but Google is still the best search)).
It seems to me that the techno sapient blog audience is particularly fast at picking up technologies like this. The defining quality enabling this is that no service provider owns the content on blogs. So none of the providers have the ability to lock in any kind of useful linking technology, they have no option but to cooperate - or they will soon become irrevelant as the 1 million army of implementers (i.e. the bloggers) choose not to use their standard. It helps that there is friendly cooperation among the service providers (everybody has their own niche, so they can afford to collaborate). Conversely, news travel really fast on blogs, so implementation news, new possibilities spread very fast. And once again lock-in is not really an option for tool vendors, so they need to keep up, which keeps the pace up.

This isn't lower case. It's huge.

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