January 20, 2005
HP: We're global - but you can't be

I think I have bought my last HP printer (a pity, they're better). HP are region coding printer ink. How ironic. HP is a globalized company, presumably making more money from sourcing their purchases wherever they're cheapest, but you, their customer, is not allowed to source your HP products where they are cheapest. Now we're just waiting for the first DMCA lawsuits aginst people breaking the region coding system.
Like the boingboing chant goes: May 1,000,000 hardware hackers descend on your tent. (more boing boing coverage)

(Funny side note on the WSJ article's mention of DVD region coding: It says that "many manufacturers" make region ignorant DVD players. That's the understatement of the year. You might be able to buy an overpriced region blocked Sony (they're also a media company after all), but you'd be hard pressed to find a cheap DVD player that isn't region ignorant)

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