March 06, 2005
When the physical world is digitized

As the surf goes on from Reason magazine, we find this NPR segment inspired by a Reason magazine cover. Reason printed a personalized edition where the over was tailored to each individual subscriber so that it contained an aerial photo of each subscribers house.
Surprisingly, the price of doing these personalized covers is less than 1 DKK (approx 10 cents ($ or euro)).
This obviously ties into GPS based map hacking Jon Udell demoed recently.

Living in a small, heavy government, heavily data mined country I always find it amusing to see ads in Wired magazine for "online paperless automated bill handling". They seem quaint - we've had these things in place for years - for so long in fact that I can't remember when it wasn't happening. It seems extremely odd that the world's biggest economy, the worlds most productive nation, hasn't latched onto this a long time ago. Database Nation is obviously a concept where William Gibsons adage applies - The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed.
I wonder if any studies exist comparing some "life quality" metrics with these kinds of "technology metrics". We all know the tradeoffs between big government and small government and low vs. high taxation, so the interesting question is how much of this is comes from just the technology and how much from associated goverment.

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