May 14, 2005
They broke "never open new windows" AGAIN

Sigh. The Firefoxians must really, really hate me. Not only did the install completely fuck up. They broke "open everything in tabs, not in new windows" again. I absolutely really, really hate this. I've tried the usual settings but nothing works. Could someone please remind me what secret hack I'm forgetting when I want nothing at all to open any new stinking windows, except my own personal self going to the file menu and asking "Open a new window".
Found it.

Dansk fortsættelse: Oversætterne af Firefox er helt sikker velmenende, men for helvede for nogen kedelige, dårligt skrivende geeks. På engelsk står der mundret "Tabbed browsing" i settings. På dansk står der "Fanebladsbaseret internetsurfing". Det hjælper jo ikke at applikationen er oversat til dansk når det sprog den er oversat til er fuldstændig rædselsfuldt. Det er dårlig, dårlig "Jusabilligti".

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