May 14, 2005
Firefox bungles - Slogger improvements

The 1.0.4 Security patch for Firefox bungled the auto update completely. I was left Firefox less to a degree where nothing but a full removal of all earlier copies of Firefox and removal of all my personalized setup helped. On top of that when I finally was able to install, it installed the Danish version even though that's not what I wanted (I most certainly did not click any "localized version"/"Danish version links.

The only good thing about this is that I got to redo my Firefox plugin configuration, and boy, the non Firefox browsers are in trouble if they don't get with the "extending the browser with javascript" idea.

Slogger has improved by leaps and bounds. When I first installed it, it bungled your harddrive by storing all files in a big pile (incredibly slow after a year of browsing) and bungled Firefox search history. Now it does neither, instead it has logging profiles for easy integration with whatever personal search option you're using - including background integration with no less than three web based personal search solutions: Furl, Spurl and Yahoo My Web (gotta love the innovation speed in diverse, competitive environments unhampered by patents)
What used to be a hack now simply works, and you don't even have to store the index any more. Nice.

And then of course Firefox users enjoy the marvels of Adblock and the final solution to simple extensibility, Greasemonkey. The speed with which these innovations are changing Firefox from a viewer for web pages to a de facto application platform (without the hype inherent in that name, mind you) is just staggering.

The case of Greasemonkey is an interesting example of collaborative revolution.

  1. July 12 - 2004: completely botch up their website redesign
  2. July 19 - 2004: Adrian Holovaty unbotch the site with a custom site-specific Firefox extension.
  3. December 2004: fFrst version of Greasemonkey in Mozilla CVS (Any pointers on actual 'first public version' would be great in the comments, thanks)
  4. May 2005: - Hundreds of customizations available.

To think that far from destroying something actually ended up creating this revolution. Talk about unintended consequences!

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