August 30, 2005
Bloglines over GMail

So I'm done doing danish language posts about the Venice Biennale for now. Back to technology. The absence of good free text search in any web application is a bug. That's all there is to it. Having good personalized search in your application today is like having "internet enabled" applications in 1995 - completely obvious but surprisingly scarce (or poorly done when not outright missing).
In response to that users hack. Here's a bloglines hack for this feature. It exports your bloglines subscriptions to GMail. Which has search. Also, just as bloglines is, GMail is available off-terminal in contrast to doing the exact same thing but dropping the posts to the file system and letting desktop search provide the remainder.
I am unsure whether it is really true that this is a better interface though. I use bloglines in part because of the ability to scan large volumes of posts quickly (sadly, this breaks as soon as the number of posts grow above some hard to find but way to low limit - the browser DOM simply does not get built right).

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