August 30, 2005
Hollywood views the real world as damage and routes around it...

I guess the title says it all, but in case you haven't been following the obscenity and insanity of DRM legislation proposals, media companies now consider reality itself a piracy problem. It's called "the analog hole" in DRM. That's really grand. Actually, merely by remembering something about a record/book/film you're probably committing some act of piracy according to somebody.
Why are we paying these people any money at all? They are actively harming society. Why would we want to support that? Clearly they have completely lost touch with any kind of sensible reality. They can not be trusted to suggest any reasonable scheme for a how society should deal with culture.

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Man m? vel kunne sags?ge bagl?ns hvis man uden at ?nske det bliver udsat for content: En d?rlig sang, en grim plakat.

Posted by: holger on August 31, 2005 11:38 PM
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