November 05, 2005
Anatomy of an ambulance chase

Lovely story on a ridiculous class action lawsuit against Netflix for not honoring obviously bogus marketing nonsense. The suit has been settled with the following consequences.

  • The sucker who sued got $2000 cash
  • All other Netflix customers unwittingly included in the lawsuit got a "settlement" comprising a marketing offer to get the first month free if they upgrade their Netflix package to a more expensive package.
  • The lawyers for afore mentioned sucker get paid $2,528,000. Yes. Two and a half million dollars. On the order of 1250 times more than they were able to secure their client.

Of course all the poor Netflix subscribers unwittingly included in the legal threat to scare the money out of Netflix in the first place get nothing at all - except an invitation to be at the receiving end of a Netflix upsale opportunity.

(via gothamist)

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