November 05, 2005
The attention sweet spot II

A while back I referenced Just's insightful comment that one of the memes driving the Web 2.0 companies is simplify, which is to say they're targeting your attention sweet spot, not your attention capability - or in Just's words "Web 1.0 was about 7 +/-1. Web 2.0 is about 2 +/-1".

It turns out there's a whole movement about attention ownership and preserving your right to your attention, The Attention Trust, which exerts exactly what you want to assert: "You own yourself. You own your data. You own your attention."
Having a non-profit to guard your attention like your privacy and your money may sound like a joke, but the founders are not kidding. They even have a declaration of gestural independence. I see a collision coming along at some point in the future with the RIAA and MPAA jerks on the analog hole, and of course there's going to be a collision with all television people on the obvious attention problem of advertising.

Found while digging around for info on the soon to be cool Riya.

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Et par rigtig gode pointer, og Riya ser sp?ndende ud, den m? kunne komme p? "Am I Web 2.0 or not" listen...

Posted by: tveskov on November 6, 2005 8:11 PM
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