November 06, 2005
A good idea about your place in Microsoft's world

Niall Kennedy took a lot of photos at the Microsoft Live Platform technology preview. My favourite is the one I've blatantly stolen (and doctored) above (original here).
Why do I like the image? It gives you a good idea of how important you can hope to become as an alternate device/software/service vendor).
One thing that's unclear to me: Is Microsoft Live the cunning application level master plan that is supposed to be leveraged by Microsoft's bold reinvention of every web standard in Longhorn, or was the powerpoint show at the unveiling in fact the stack of slides some poor bizdev Microsoftee could come up with when she got the order to scramble so that Stevee Ballmer could "fucking Bury Eric Schmidt" and "Fucking kill Google"?

(Niall: Leave a comment to complain about my use of your image, if it's a problem)

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Posted by: Niall Kennedy on November 7, 2005 7:08 AM

Yes US monopoly laws are stupid, and IE should never have been allowed to kill Netscape, the way it did etc.

BUT - criticizing this image is kinda childish.

It's a presentation by Microsoft about Microsoft - why on earth would they want to display other soft- & hardware as something bigger or more important than they did?

iPods, PlayStations and Nokias are not relevant to the diagram.
You want Microsoft to display Mozilla and Linux as a big threatening cloud on a business presentation?

The idea that for some reason "other software" and "other devices" should have taken up more space is absurd.

Posted by: Janus on November 8, 2005 4:07 PM

Have you got NO sense of humor, Janus ?

Posted by: Claus on November 8, 2005 4:07 PM
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