November 14, 2005
Gil Evans plays the music of Jimi Hendrix

The quotes by Gil Evans, that he always liked Jimi Hendrix' music, accompanies any Jimi Hendrix reissue as a stamp of approval by the Higher Music Police , Jjazz Division. But even so, I only recently caught up with Gil Evans' recordings of Hendrix and what a treat I've been missing! Recorded in 1974 the album suffers from some of the ills of the era (including the presence of David Sanborn), but it is tremendously groovy and powerful and well played. "The ultimate cocktail party album" was a moniker I and some friends attached to it almost simultaneously. Evans makes Hendrix sound luxurious. Evans chooses, wisely, to let other instruments than the guitar (there is one in the band) cover obvious Hendrix solo-moments. No one could match him on that instrument, so it's much more interesting to arrange his parts for other instruments.

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