November 26, 2005
NEXT05: Norbert Streitz

Norbert Streitz gave a presentation of some of the ideas in pervasive/ubuquitous computing. It's interesting, but it's also old news if you follow the news of the future at all. Heck, even I wrote a piece about this in the only issue we ever managed to put out of UCmag (in danish). That was 5 years ago and basically there has been no news since then - or that's what I was led to think by the presentation.
Some of the points made in that connection: As information is virtualized buildings no longer have to contain organization in the way they do today - the virtual world does that for them. So the role of buildings change. They become instead pure social spaces. Another good point was the role of sound in physicalizing the virtual - but of course we've all had audible mouse clicks for years so again this is hardly surprising.

I would like to point out some social aspects of this intensifying projection of our state of mind that I don't think were touched upon in thsi talk but that will be essential to us sooner rather than later. The war over the future of ideas will only intensify as pervasive computing is adopted.
What happens when we work through 'informed objects' is that more and more of our thought processes come into a scope that the content industries have succesfully turned into a commercial space rather than a free space. Specifically, as we digitize our personal space more and more, expression will be carried to a greater and greater extent over digital devices, so that the act of thought will be external, published and visible (witness the weblog phenomenon). The current fights over the meaning of ownership and copyright will only intensify as we gradually inform more and more of our surroundings. (some of this paragraph is a hidden quote from a longer discussion of this problem here)

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