November 26, 2005
NEXT05: Jason Tester

After lunch Jason Tester from The Institute for The Future presented the 2005 Map of the Decade. They may have another view of what they do, but judging from the presentation IFTF watches trends and extrapolates these ideas on a 10 year time scale. To visualize the results they produce artifacts from the future in the style of the Wired regular feature Found.
Some of the trends in focus for 2005 were consumer activism (a la web outrages over Sony BMG/Kryptonite locks/etc etc), 'smart consumers' i.e. hackers and remixers and bedroom scientists, pervasive use of RFID and via an equally pervasive network envisioning an environment consisting entirely of informed objects.
I'm not sure I think 2005 was a good vintage for looking forward - a feeling I've had all year mind you, Reboot also seemed to be about last years progress - but the presentation was nice enough.

As an aside, Bruce Sterling has recently written a book that touches on RFID (what he calls spime).

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