December 19, 2005
Why the Siegenthaler scandal doesn't matter in the long run

The most interesting thing about the Siegenthaler/Wikipedia scandal was that it took so long to happen. Wikipedia has had a good run of it with a no-rules approach, relying on social cleanup of inexcusable behaviour. Now apparently has come the era of by-laws and formal citizenship. The social setup of wikipedia still works.
And once again, it is not going to matter in the long run that there are thousands of similar inaccuracies, because as I have mentioned recently, while the editorial succes of Wikipedia is a social effect first and an economic effect second, the mindshare and readership success is an economic effect first and a social effect second. While there's no question that the new tighter editorial guidelines will slow the growth of the material, the economics of Wikipedia will continue to outperform the economics of commercial dictionaries in terms of readership.

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