June 04, 2006
Reboot: The Grey Commons - Piracy and copyright

The PirateBay/Piratbyrån guys make tons of good points about the stupidity of the current "solution" to this "problem". Among the points, the technological arbitrariness of the system and
most importantly: The artificial distinction between consumers and producers with the producers forming part of some industry.

Clearly the music and film worlds are not ready to join the aforementioned network economy.
They have no grasp of what value looks like in the network economy. I was reminded of a blog post
I can't remember anymore with a quote from some record industry guy: An internet music guy had approached the industry guy with
the obvious question "Why are you fighting us so hard? We're promoting your product. We're in the same business for crying out loud"
and the industry guy simply said "No. I'm not in the music business. I'm in the blockbuster business." It's an insane backwards perspective
but it's the only way to understand the RIAA policies: The back catalog is a loss leader for top 10 records. Choice is just a marketing instrument not
the real point of the record industry. Obviously the protections the record industry enjoys are based on the policy misunderstanding that
the industry actually cares about choice.

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