January 30, 2007
Samvittigheds-CRM vol 2

Havde såmænd slet ikke selv tænkt over det, men som Tveskov siger - DoTheRightThing er lige præcis en konkurrent til Actics. TechCrunch har den gode post om emnet, hvis titel siger det hele: Do The Smug Thing:

One misguided user posted a not so popular rant suggesting that corporations should not be held accountable for all of the worlds ills. This posting has a very low rating right now.
I’m guessing people like that will be quickly beaten out of dotherightthing.com, leaving a smug nest of Toyota Pious driving do-gooders behind to fix all of our problems by complaining about them in unison.

Yep. Det samme vil ske på Actics. Intet er mere brækværdigt end selvfedt at sige "Vi gør verden bedre!". Et stensikkert tegn på overfladisk ligegyldighed ifølge classy.dks etiske vejliedningspanel. Yechh.

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